What is Cirrato One™

Cirrato One™ is the industry-shaping Single Server Printing solution that offers multi-site organizations complete print management with reduced IT footprint. One server manages over 30,000 print queues with minimal bandwidth use.

Imagine a more robust, fully scalable printing infrastructure, using virtually no hardware and WAN bandwidth. Imagine the time saved with fully automated driver management, proactive monitoring, powerful support, and improved redundancy. Imagine the reduced cost and environmental benefit of less paper and energy use.

Join us at the forefront. Reimagine printing.

IT Benefits
Remove Print Servers
Manage Printer Drivers
Eliminate WAN Traffic
Support End Users
Improve Redundancy
Improve Scalability
Business Benefits
Green IT
Rules/Workflow Based Printing
Print Quota Management
Paper/Toner Monitoring
Secure Follow Print
All Features

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