Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

Management and Support

Manage a global printing fleet -- including USB printers -- in a transparent tree-structure, update drivers across the organization on-the-fly and effectively support your fleet using proactive problem resolution tools with multi-language support.

The Cirrato server maps, in real-time, a tree structure (down to individual office or floor level) where printers and queues can be added, removed or managed and drivers updated.

The driver management interface lets you upload or remove a driver across your entire organization (including all desktops and operating systems) with a few clicks.

End users can easily search for and install any printer on to their desktop. Cirrato will automatically make sure that the correct driver is used.

Support is done through Cirrato's powerful web-based, multi-lingual support interface. It lets you proactively discover and solve problems, move jobs between queues and message end users when you do - often before end users notice and all in their own language.