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Print Quota Management

Print Quota Management

Cirrato enables public printing operations - such as at Universities, Libraries and Internet Cafés - to easily allocate and comprehensively manage printing quota.

Easily manage printing allocations for students and teachers in universities (or customers in public printing environments such as Internet cafes, libraries and more). End-user quota accounts can be connected to Active Directory for use without authentication at the printer, or assigned to swipe/proximity cards or PIN codes. Price plans can easily be tiered by user group or category.


  • One system can facilitate multiple price plans for different user groups (e.g. students and teachers)
  • Automatic quota refills when certain criteria are met (e.g., a new course starts)
  • Variable costs for different types of jobs (defined by printer, paper size, colour/mono, duplex/simplex, etc.)
  • Authentication by Active Directory username, swipe/proximity cards or PIN codes
  • Membership based price plans that are tiered by user group

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