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Cirrato One awarded 'Best Single Server Printing Solution 2016' by TMT News

Tuesday, 01 November 2016 09:57

Stockholm, November 1, 2016 – Cirrato has been awarded 'Best Single Server Printing Solution 2016' by TMT News. Subscribers and industry professionals had twelve weeks to vote. There were over 500 nominations in the area of print. For the category of Single Server Printing 9 solutions were considered.


Gorm Halberg-Lange, Managing Director of the Cirrato Team at LRS, comments: "Cirrato has always aimed to be a pioneer when it comes to Single Server Printing. Winning this award is confirmation that we indeed did succeed in developing a highly innovative and best in class solution.The award also recognizes the unique set of features that Cirrato offers to its customers."

A TMT News representative explains the process that resulted in Cirrato one being awarded 'Best Single Server Printing Solution 2016':

Our voting form was live on the TMT News website for around 12 weeks, it was distributed to our subscriber base of just over 82,000, as well as an additional 150,000 industry professionals. They were then encouraged to put forward a company or individual that they felt were deserving of recognition.

Once a nomination has been received, we then notify the nominated company and ask if they are happy to proceed to our shortlist. Our in-house research team built casefiles for all nominations and looked to include any relevant information they could find.

All information was passed on to our judging panel, they reviewed every entrant from every category before proceeding to select winners purely on merit within their respective categories and market sectors.

Within the wider category of ‘Print’, we had over 500 nominations, not all of these nominations moved to our shortlist, and again not all of them have gone on to be successful. Cirrato One is the winner within the ‘Single Server Printing’ category, and was competing against 8 other parties.

More information about the technology awards can be found here: http://www.tmt-news.com/2016-the-2016-technology-awards-press-release

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